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Probeturion securely monitors the IT infrastructure and alerts about problems before users even notice.

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Welcome to the Rolls Royce of Monitoring Systems

A hybrid between cloud and LAN. Register an account and be up'n running in minutes. Everything is configured from the cloud. No local servers needed. Probeturion leaves your IT infrastructure clean. The support-team will gladly assist in any endeavour, getting your organization ready to automate the monitoring of absolutely everything that needs regular inspection.

Highly scalable

Probeturion can deliver probing to the largest players in the market with both hybrid and dedicated servers, capable of handling millions of sensors. Small and medium sized businesses can be up and running in minutes with very competitive prices that suit even the smallest companies.

Freelancers have the opportunity to use Probeturion for as long as they like for free.


Smart Dashboards

Our new and fully customizable dynamic smart-dashboards make sure that nothing will be missed. If an important component enters a critical state, it will come straight into the viewers focus.

There are no limitations in the number of dashboards an organization can have. Each dashboard has a unique setup with panels, making sure it fits the requirements of any organization.


Game Changing Text Analyzer

A new module that is none comparable to any other monitoring systems. With this module an IT operational can program interpretation of logfiles for automatic reading of any texts without any prior knowledge about programming.

One example of usage is that logfiles can be retreived from PDF files in backup jobs sent by email. Another usage is that commands can be sent to a Cisco router using SSH or Telnet and the recorded result can be filtered and interpreted according to rules setup in the text analyzer. Eventlogs are no exception. An EventLog entry can be interpretated not only by its severity and source, but also on the content of the text in the entry.


Build your own sensors

Download 3rd party sensors or build your own custom sensors. The new application programming interfaces operates at enterprice scale and handles every potential DDOS attack. Probeturion can receive REST calls, poll a script or a executable file, read XML files and much more.

IT Operationals can create batch files, perl scripts and vb scripts that easily integrates into the API's of Probeturion.

The development team at Probeturion are ready to assist any organization, no matter size, with any requirements concerning sensors, API integrations and configuration.



Probeturion supports notifications using Webhooks and Emails. It also supports integrations to other systems, like Stride, Slack, Boxcar and Pushover.

By using webhooks, it is possible for companies to develop their own notifications or execute their own scripts when events occur.

Notifications can be configured for every type of events, even timeouts.


Propagate settings to thousands of Agents

Probeturion can send configuration changes of one sensor to thousands of Agents. Changing settings of a sensor connected to an Agent Group automatically propagates the settings to all assosiated Agents.

A powerful feature in situations where the same sensor with the same configuration is used on multiple devices and locations.

This can save an Ops-team countless hours.

Next-gen Dependencies

Probeturion supports recursive dependencies based on expressions.

Unlike conventional advanced monitoring systems that support dependencies in a tree structure, Probeturion is far more flexible.

Each sensor can be a part of a dependency or connected to a dependency expression, including Aggregates and Timeouts. This makes finding the root cause of a failure extremely quick and easy.

A sensor can be setup with custom dependency triggers, so that every single state in every single sensor can be customized for dependency to be propagated or not (OnWarning, OnCritical, OnError, ...).



With aggregates it is possible to monitor clusters like servers, switches and services.

Aggregates is not restricted to any type of sensor and can be combined with dependency-nodes, timeouts and even other aggregates.


Deep Probing

With Probeturion an organization can install agents in secure VLAN zones without direct internet connection. These agents can securely send and receive probing information to and from the cloud.

This means, IT operationals can configure and view results from anywhere without even remoting the secure IT infrastructure.



Can Probeturion monitor servers on the LAN of a company?
Yes. The On-Site configurator can install Client Services and Agents on a company's LAN network. The Client Services and Agents can receive probing instructions from the cloud and send back runtime statuses that are viewable in the web-based dashboards.
A Client Service is a service running on a Windows 7/10 or Windows Server 2008/2012/2016 system. Its job is to communicate with the Probeturion Cloud securely using strong encryption. It communicates with Agents on the LAN at the site it is running (if there are any Agents), and it has its own prober engine.
An Agent has the same functionality as a Client Service, except the Client Service communicates with the Probeturion Cloud while an Agent communicates with a Client Service.
When logged in, there are a button to the left, called Download OnSite Configurator. By pressing this button, a program called Probeturion OnSite Configurator will be installed. The OnSite Configurator can install both Client Services and Agents. Note however that an Agent can not communicate directly with the Probeturion Cloud, therefore you must always have a Client Service on your LAN.
The password is not stored in the cloud, but directly sent to the Client Service. It is encrypted all the way, from it is typed in the browser to it reaches the Client Service. At the Client Service it is stored encrypted in a cryptostorage. Not even people with access to your LAN will ever be able to read the password.
Agent Groups is a way of grouping Agents and Sensors, so that changes in the configuration of a sensor will not have to be done more that once, and it will be propagated onto all the Agents that uses this sensor.
Yes, that is possible. You can install an agent on every machine you want to use that sensor. When the agents are registered in the cloud (will happen automatically), you can connect the agents to an Agent Group. All the sensors that are created and connected to that Agent Group are probed on all the Agents. One example on where this is useful is to monitor diskspace or RAM on many devices in an organization.
Yes, that is possible and very easy. We support more and more techniques for integration. The most popular methoods are to use the REST Api's and the Execute File sensor. Our development team create new ways for sensor developers continuously and our support team are ready to assist with configuration and integration at any time.


Due to complete redesign of our GUIs, the Tutorials have to be created all over again. We are working on it.
If you need help, we can assist you online.
How to monitor a Website from Probeturion


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A hybrid between cloud and LAN. Register an account and be up'n running in minutes. Everything is configured from the cloud. No local servers needed. Probeturion leaves your IT infrastructure clean. The support-team will gladly assist in any endeavour, getting your organization ready to automate the monitoring of absolutely everything that needs regular inspection.

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