Frequently Asked Questions

The most common questions we get from our visitors

Can Probeturion monitor servers on the LAN of a company?
Yes. The On-Site configurator can install Client Services and Agents on a company's LAN network. The Client Services and Agents can receive probing instructions from the cloud and send back runtime statuses that are viewable in the web-based dashboards.
A Client Service is a service running on a Windows 7/10 or Windows Server 2008/2012/2016 system. Its job is to communicate with the Probeturion Cloud securely using strong encryption. It communicates with Agents on the LAN at the site it is running (if there are any Agents), and it has its own prober engine.
An Agent has the same functionality as a Client Service, except the Client Service communicates with the Probeturion Cloud while an Agent communicates with a Client Service.
When logged in, there are a button to the left, called Download OnSite Configurator. By pressing this button, a program called Probeturion OnSite Configurator will be installed. The OnSite Configurator can install both Client Services and Agents. Note however that an Agent can not communicate directly with the Probeturion Cloud, therefore you must always have a Client Service on your LAN.
The password is not stored in the cloud, but directly sent to the Client Service. It is encrypted all the way, from it is typed in the browser to it reaches the Client Service. At the Client Service it is stored encrypted in a cryptostorage. Not even people with access to your LAN will ever be able to read the password.
Agent Groups is a way of grouping Agents and Sensors, so that changes in the configuration of a sensor will not have to be done more that once, and it will be propagated onto all the Agents that uses this sensor.
Yes, that is possible. You can install an agent on every machine you want to use that sensor. When the agents are registered in the cloud (will happen automatically), you can connect the agents to an Agent Group. All the sensors that are created and connected to that Agent Group are probed on all the Agents. One example on where this is useful is to monitor diskspace or RAM on many devices in an organization.
Yes, that is possible and very easy. We support more and more techniques for integration. The most popular methoods are to use the REST Api's and the Execute File sensor. Our development team create new ways for sensor developers continuously and our support team are ready to assist with configuration and integration at any time.